Best Destinations for Surfing Tourism in Vietnam

What could be more awesome than riding on the top of a wave while you are standing or lying on a board? Yes, surfing is the very challenging yet interesting sport that the can-do-it players feel dedicated to. If just being fond of surfing and want to try it in Vietnam, select the Vietnam Customize Tour to the two best surfing spots: Da Nang and Phan Thiet (Mui Ne Beach).

Surfing Tourism in Da Nang

The lengthiest and finest beach in the Southeast Asia runs from the Son Tra Peninsula of Da Nang to the Hoi An Ancient Town. The 20-mile-long and white-sandy beaches here are the wonderful destination for the surfers to show off their performance and also compete with the other players. Together with the increasing number of the 5-star resorts as the mushrooms, many tourists did arrive at Da Nang to enjoy its exquisite beaches.

Many beach lovers really love investing their time on the beach and in surfing – the great sport for them to express the self’s skill and dare. Try surfing in the dawn and the twilight hours; it seems that you are a part of nature right the moment. As the common thought, the beach lovers and surfers are not afraid of the tropical sun as long as they come prepared with the waterproof sun cream. As the seawater in Da Nang is fairly warm year-round, it’s still cheerful to surf in the winter months. Though the weather in Vietnam never gets seriously cold, if you get wet, the breezy wind can make you shiver.

The most comfortable time to enjoy surfing in Da Nang is believed to be from September to May with the surf-able waves. Then, the sea in June, July, and August is quite calm; so, these summer months are normally not ideal for surfing. For the most satisfactory playing experience, you are always advised to stay up-to-date to the surf forecast to know the conditions of the waves.

It’s warned that the rip currents in Da Nang beaches can be strong, and drownings do happen. Therefore, please remember to use a leash. And if you are separated from the board and are caught in the rip current, make sure you swim parallel to the shore to get out of the dangerous current. Then, try to swim ashore!

Surfing Tourism in Mui Ne, Phan Thiet

Surfing has been made popular in Mui Ne by some groups of experts who offer the lessons and classes for the wannabe surfers. Mui Ne Beach has the fantastic conditions for every kind of players to practice surfing and promote their swift progress. You now can get the surf lessons in Surfpoint, which is situated at Beach Break Bar, in the heart of Mui Ne, for example. Also, it is easy to find the gear rental and accommodation in the beach shelter of Phan Thiet.

You will feel highly cheerful to conquer the sea waves and get immersed in the fresh sea air in Mui Ne. Sometimes in the summer, the waves can be even measured up to 3m. And if you want to record your memorable surfing moments and actions, there are many local photographers to fulfill this want.

Want to be in your favorable beach anytime there are the engaging waves? Let’s take advantage of the Vietnam Customized Tour that enables you to customize the best surfing experiences ever that totally suit your desire and demand.

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