Common Terms In Surfing

The purpose of this article is to help you get familiar with the common terms used in surfing. After going through this surfing glossary, you'll be able to walk and talk like a surfer. Read on and increase your knowledge about the common terms in surf traveling.

Common terms in surfing

Air/Aerial—riding the board for a short time into the air above the wave, and then landing back upon the wave Bottom turn—the first turn at the bottom of the wave
Caught inside- When a surfer cannot get beyond the breaking surf to the safer part of the ocean to find a wave
Cutback—making a turn cutting back toward the breaking part of the wave
Drop in—dropping into the wave
Duck dive—pushing the board underwater
Fade—taking-off toward the breaking part of the wave is breaking
Floater—riding up on the top of the breaking part of the wave, and coming down with it Goofy foot— left foot on back of board
Grom/Grommet—young surfer
Hang Heels— facing backwards with the surfers' heels over the edge of a long board
Hang-five/hang ten—putting five or ten toes over the nose of a long board
Off the Top—a turn on the top of a wave
Over the falls—when a surfer falls and the wave carries him in a circular motion
Pop-up— going from lying on the board to standing, all in one jump
Pump—an up and down carving movement generating speed along a wave
Re-entry—re-reentering the wave in quick succession
Regular/Natural foot—Right foot on back of board
Shoulder—the unbroken part of the wave
Snake—when a surfer steals a wave from another surfer
Snap—a quick, sharp turn off the top of a wave
Stall—slowing down by shifting weight to the tail of the board
Switch-foot—having equal ability to surf regular foot or being ambidextrous
Take-off—the start of a ride
Tube riding/Getting barreled—riding inside the hollow curl of a wave
Wipe Out—falling off your surfboard while riding a wave.

We hope you will find the above surfing glossary useful on your surf travel trip.

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