History Of Surfing

Surfing is one of the oldest sports in the world. It is one of the few sports that develop its own culture and lifestyle. The art of surfing lies in the combination of complete athleticism and the beauty and power of nature. Let us take a look in the history of surfing to understand surf travel completely. It was over three thousand years ago in Western Polynesia that the act of riding waves is first mentioned. The first surfers were these fishermen who discovered riding waves and thus leading to the origin of surfing. These fishermen found surfing an efficient way of reaching the shores with their catch. Eventually riding on waves gave way to being a pastime and later into a sport.

There is no exact record in the surfing history which shows exactly when surfing became a sport. Looking in the past of surfing, kings, queens and people of the Sandwich Isles during the 15th century were big into the sport of "he'enalu" or wave-sliding, in old Hawaiian. Early records in the history of surfing first appear in the late 1700s. During this time, the Europeans and Polynesians made first contact in Tahiti. Navigator Captain James Cook mentions in his diary of a man paddling in a small canoe, sitting motionless and being carried along at the same fast speed as the wave, landing him upon the beach. He concluded about the man having great pleasure while riding on the waves, so fast and yet so smoothly by the sea waves. In the surfing history, there are also references to surf riding on planks and single canoe hulls.

The first Polynesian settlers in Hawaii were most likely expert in simple surfing. After a few hundred years of riding the waves of Hawaii, the well-known Hawaiian form of the surfing sport developed, as we look in to the origin of surfing. The Hawaiians are well known for the highest reputation in surfing skills. They developed their board shapers, wood and beaches where people could show their talent. Only three types of trees were chosen to make the board, as the history of surfing reveals.

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