Equipment For Surfing

Equipment for surfing includes various gear like the surfboards, long boards, body boards, wave skis, skim boards, kneeboards and surf mats. The main surfing equipment is of course the surfboards, which are the biggest and also the most expensive requirement for surfing. It is a must to know about the equipment used for surfing before you plan any surf travel trip.

These were made of solid wood in early days and were large and heavy. What followed were the lighter balsa wood surfboards which were a noteworthy improvement in its portability and maneuverability. Today, the modern surfboards are made of polyurethane foam, fiberglass cloth, and polyester resin. Epoxy or EPS is an emerging board material which is stronger and lighter than traditional fiberglass. These not only float better, but are easier to paddle faster in the water.

Other equipment for surfing includes a leash, which is used to prevent the board from slipping away after a wipeout, and also to stop it from hitting other surfers.

Surf wax
The wax layer adds a high-traction layer of bumps to the board's deck and helps the rider stay on the board. It slowly wears out during use and the surfers then need to add new wax or refresh the coat of wax. Different waxes are suitable for different water temperatures.

Board shorts
As apart of surfing gear, the board shorts are just stronger versions of swim trunks. With the rising interest of women in surfing, manufacturers are developing board shorts that fit women.

Rash vests
Rash vests are a part of the surfing equipment offering protection to the surfers from the sun by blocking UV radiation. These fast-drying shirts also help prevent chafing, scrapes and injuries due to the impact of water.

Other equipment for surfing includes the wet suits, which help surfers stay warm in cold water. The traction pads are important surfing gear to keep the surfer's feet from slipping off the deck of the board. The fins, which are also known as skegs can either be permanently attached or interchangeable. Board with two or four fins is specifically designed for surfing smaller waves.

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