Popular Surfing Culture

What is surfing culture? Well, it comprises of the people, language, fashion and life which encircles the sport of surfing. What is interesting about surf culture is its complex and amazingly varied culture. The surf culture started early in the 20th century, spreading quickly in the coming years. It still continues to evolve. Influencing almost every major cultural trend like the literature, fashion, music, films, jargon, and more, many surfers share this collective cultural legacy. Even some non-surfers impersonate some aspects of popular surfing culture as they find it interesting or admirable. Read on to know all about surfing culture.

As we know, the surfers, come from many walks of life, but they all come looking for great waves, with the burning desire for the ultimate ride on a surf travel trip. Today this unique surfing culture is responsible for shaping the conventional culture changing the language, attitude, and social norms. With the surfing having gained popularity, the Surfer Magazine was founded in the 1960. Also, as surfing has a constrained geographical necessity of being the coast, the beach life often influenced the surfers and vice versa. Today, localism is a part of the development of surfing culture, where, groups of surfers assign certain key surfing locations as their own.

There are many facets of the unique surf culture. Some of these aspects are clearly taken on from Polynesian culture. Surf culture places a high value on cooperation, and kindness. You will see surfers helping each other out and working together towards common goals. Most people often relate surfers with a casual, laid back attitude. In some parts of the world, the style of the surfer is heavily mimicked. Several big corporations make a neat profit from their surf-inspired lines including sandals, casual jewelry, and shorts. Surfers have also developed the skateboard to be able to "surf" on land, one of the most popular being snowboarding and skateboarding.

With the rising popularity of surfing as a sport, some of the principles and traditions of surf culture have been upset. In some parts of the world, for example, surfers can be very territorial about their favorite prime spots, which often lead to local phenomenon. This can be confusing for visitors who are new to the sport. Competitive surfing can sometimes be streaked by a break from the traditional laid back.

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