Common Risks In Surfing

It’s time to look at the common risks in surfing that you might encounter on a surf traveling holiday. As a well informed surfer, it is important to know about the surfing risks lurking out there in the deep dark ocean.

Aquatic life
There are dangerous marine life animal to watch out for while surfing. And sharks just top the list. Attacks by seals, snakes, urchins, jellyfish and stingrays are common. All can be potentially life threatening and pose as dangers of surfing.

Waves or swells may look inviting and nice from the beach but they can be extremely powerful. Some of these powerful waves are enough to break bones. Some of the common cause of surfing injury is the wipeouts on waves. Avoid these common risks of surfing.

Getting drowned is another of the surfing risks. Being separated from your board, getting trapped on the reef and not being able to swim in are only too common, ask any surfer. Becoming unconsciousness due to a collision are all possible causes of drowning while surfing. To avoid these dangers of surfing, always go surfing with a friend and keep an eye on each other.

Rips are another of the common risks in surfing and are frequently present at surf spots. In the blink of an eye, these strength sapping currents can brush you out to sea and to a watery grave almost! So, be wary of these currents.

Another of the risks of surfing are the Surfboards, which are pointed at one end with one or more switchblade like fins can be a dangerous piece of equipment. The fins can slice anything that gets in their way. Therefore, keep control of your board specially when you wipeout.

The Sea Bed
If a wave hits you down, the sandy bottom of the sea will feel like concrete. If it is a rock, it will be much more jagged and can lead to cause more injury. And if it is coral, you are in for real trouble, as it will cut you like a razor blade, leaving you injured for months. One tip to stay away from these surfing risks is to never, ever, fall off your board.

A few other common risks in surfing can arise from the locals who can sometimes be unfriendly, and or outwardly aggressive. Keep your mannerisms in check and avoid getting into any nuisance with a pack of touchy locals. Also remember that surfing becomes more dangerous if there are more people in the lineup. With boards flying left and right, and with plenty of newbies in the mix, some accidents are bound to happen. Therefore to minimize your risks of surfing, surf at a less crowded beach.

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