Useful Tips For Surfing Tourists Traveling To Myanmar

Myanmar does have some ideal beaches for the very interesting aqua sport: surfing. So, the surfing tourists, you will never feel bored when you travel to Myanmar or Burma. Please trust us! Here, you find the uninterrupted beaches nestled against the warm and clear Andaman Sea that forms the majestic seascape. Together with the kind-hearted local and the affordable beachfront accommodation, Myanmar satisfies you with the primitive sea, wonderful sand, and ideal wave conditions. So, what are some useful tips for you to surf in Myanmar? We list out some significant ones below and hope that help your Myanmar Customized Tour

Some Remarkable Changes just in Myanmar

Due to the controversial history, Myanmar used to be the “strange” destination on the tourism map of the Southeast Asian. But now, the golden country has successfully got out of the trouble and established its name with the tourism improvement. Myanmar today welcomes the tourists to explore its immense collections of the age-old pagodas and temples. Besides, the pristine beaches here are the fantastic places for the surfing fanciers to show off their competence.

In 2012, there were over 1 million tourists coming to Myanmar beaches and forests to enjoy their original charm. The country itself has attempted to uncover and introduce its natural strength to the curious tourists in the world. And some surfers did feel interested in riding on the top of a wave while standing on a board just in Myanmar beaches namely Ngapali Beach and Ngwe Saung Beach.

The Surf Culture just in Myanmar

The Myanmar surf tourism sounded strange even ten years ago. The others looked at it with the curious stares from the crowds of the doubtful Burmese villages, and the pioneering surfers had to explain how they could control the board to ride over the waves across the shores. Regardless of the initial lack of comprehension, the local people finally understood and developed their surf culture via the restless expedition to ride on the top of the big wave.

About the best time to enjoy surfing in Myanmar, it is either the start or the end of the monsoon season (from mid-May to late September). Though the monsoon time gives this country the consistent surf swells from the Antarctica and Indian Ocean, it involves the heavy rain. Therefore, if you surf in the suggested ideal time, you can catch the reliable waves and avoid the rain.

And if you ask for a genuine surf shop in Rangoon, just work with Quicksilver – the international surf company that offers the positive sales favored by the domestic and foreign customers. The surf culture in Myanmar is partially promoted by this shop as you find most of the essential items to become the so-called surfers for the memorable and joyful experiences.

The Myanmar Belief of Surfing towards Harmony

The Burmese people believe that the surf tourism brings them both money and harmony. They get the needful balance while they are surfing. Think it in this way: when you ride a wave, you are not being discriminated based on whatever issue. In the ocean, where you come from, who you are, and what language you speak, mean nothing. The important thing is standing on your board and play with the waves.

So now, begin the Myanmar Tour so that you can favorably surf on the blue sea that just draws people out to the sea together and back to the shore harmoniously.

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Useful Tips For Surfing Tourists Traveling To Myanmar

Myanmar does have some ideal beaches for the very interesting aqua sport: surfing.

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